Morning Topics in the NY Primary

Last post we looked at the overall pattern of themes during the NY Primaries. We now turn to the opening theme of the day – a theme about voting problems, voting instructions and two key issues to Donald Trump’s and Sen. Clinton’s campaigns – terrorism and racism.

Good morning Twitter: Morning Topics

The first topics of the day were the ones present in Theme 1 – which peaked around noon but had lasting presence into the first hours of the afternoon.

Morning tweets for NY Primaries

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New York Primary Day

After following the CNN Democratic Debate in Brooklyn, we will look how the New York Primary unfolded over Twitter. We will see that Twitter follows a pattern, in this case, close more traditional media – content production in tweets was more diverse as the day ended. How did this pattern interact with the news of the day?

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Disputes over Social Security

Last post we looked at topics exclusive to either campaign hashtag, identifying key issues and structures separating them. Now we expand on this to look at the top disputed topic. We will see how T31 captures a theme close to both electorates

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Agendas and Hashtags

Last post we saw the basics of our monitoring done during the New Yorkhash_ts Debate, held by CNN in Brooklyn as part of the Democratic Party Primaries. We began our exploration of the data extracted from Twitter during the debate – first by looking at tweeting rates for each campaign hashtag then by looking at our first topic. We posed the following problem when presented with both hashtags evolution over time: what sort of semantic content is responsible for driving a hashtag’s tweeting rate up?

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Brooklyn Debate on Twitter

Over the next few posts we will analyze the twitter reaction to the Brooklyn Debate which happened on April 14th, starting at 9PM EST on CNN, before the New York primaries for the Democratic Party. Unlike in previous debates, Sen. Clinton and Sen. Sanders turned the heat up making the debate a “slugfest”, according to the Guardian. As both candidates clashed over key agenda points we monitored the debate’s hashtag #DemDebate – collecting over 420k tweets over a bit more than 2 hours. Continue reading “Brooklyn Debate on Twitter”